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Alliances form a core part of gameplay in Goodgame Empire. Players can join together with friends(or strangers) to create an alliance and gain access to many bonuses such as; the alliance smithy, bonuses to their attack speed, a friendly community, and many more.

Players can choose to either create an alliance of their own or join another alliance made by someone else. Joining one made by someone else often has it's advantages such as instant access to possibly high level bonuses, a higher level smithy and more. On the other hand, joining another alliance means the player won't have full control and may have to wait a long time before they are promoted in the alliance, granting them administration powers.

Being part of an alliance is required for two of the daily tasks. These are very quick and an easy 10 activity points can be earned. A player must:

  • Write a message in the alliance chat
  • Use the alliance smithy to create one piece of equipment

Alliance LevelEdit

There are 40 alliance levels to gain. Whenever a player earns glory points, they are added to the alliance and with enough, the alliance can advance to the next level. With each level, every member of the alliance can gain some rewards. A list of rewards available for each level is tabulated below along with the glory points required for each level. Every alliance starts at level 1.

Level Glory Points Required Reward
Wood Stone Coins Rubies
1 0 0 0 0 0
2 8000 750 0 100 300
3 2,100 0 450 650

Chat and Notice BoardEdit

One of the many features of an alliance include the alliance chat and notice board. Members can talk to each other in the alliance panel, or in the alliance chat panel in the lower left of the game window. This feature enables members to coordinate attacks on other players or alliances.

The alliance notice board acts as an in game forum for alliance members. Players can post threads for discussion, or questions they wish to be answered.

Alliance FundsEdit

Any member of an alliance can contribute to their alliance's collective funds. Once the resources have been donated, they cannot be taken out. Alliance funds are used to purchase upgrades for the alliance smithy, or alliance wide bonuses such as an increase in attack travel speed for all members.

Players can choose to donate however much they wish. All resources are available for donation (wood, stone, gold coins, and rubies).

It's recommended for new members who wish to get promoted higher to donate a lot of resources to the alliance funds as this will increase their reputation with members of the alliance.

Alliance UpgradesEdit

Listed below in the table are upgrades available for alliances. There are a variety of upgrades available for alliances such as more slots, a better alliance smithy, increased support travel speed and more. These upgrades are purchased using alliance funds.

Please fill in the corresponding resources as required, if known.


An alliance can increase the number of member slots up to a maximum of 11 times, however that is not to be confused with the actual limit which is 65 Members.

Increase Number

of Members

Wood Stone Gold Rubies
10 10 10 0

Support - Travel SpeedEdit

Increase Effect Wood Stone Gold Rubies
+10% 100 300 300 0
+20% 500 500 300 0

Market Barrows - Travel SpeedEdit

Increase Effect Wood Stone Gold Rubies
+5% 350 400 320 0

Donation BonusEdit

Increase Effect Wood Stone Gold Rubies
+8% 0 0 0 150

Wartime Looting BonusEdit

Increase Effect Wood Stone Gold Rubies
+5% 500 400 400 500

Attack - Travel SpeedEdit


Alliance SmithyEdit

At the alliance smithy, members of the alliance can forge a piece of equipment once per day. The higher the level of the smithy, the better the items that you recieve will be. Gold coins must be used to forge an item from the smithy. The cost to use the smithy is also dependent on the level of the smithy, as shown below

Level of Smithy Cost to Forge Item
1 35
2 65
3 140

Other FeaturesEdit

These are the full list of features in the alliance page, in order from top to bottom


Default page when you click alliance button. SHows recent alliance activity, as well as the announcements

Members List

Shows all members in alliance, in order of rank. Leader at the top, and novices at the bottom. It should be noted that the members are NOT listed in order of level, or honor, only by rank. 

Chat and Notice Board

Has big alliance chat window, where you can toggle between Minichat or not, and has the alliance notice board as well

Alliance Funds

Shows how much has been donated, from Wood, Stone, Coins, and Rubies, as well as a box, through which you can donate your own resources. Rubies can can only be donated once you have reached level 25, or once you have bought rubies.The funds also allow a high-ranking member, or leader to upgrade alliance benefits


Mostly for leadership, you can change the alliance name (Free first time, costs 10k rubies next). and edit the alliance description, both reserved for Seargents and above. All memebrs can send Mass Messages though, another function available. Lastly, you can leave the alliance in this section, by clicknig the button


Here, you can view alliances you have pacts and Non-Agression Agreements with, as well as who you're at war with. You can also accept/decline offers to end a war, or accept a pact/ NAA 


-You can view what level the alliance is, determined by glory points accumulated throughout the alliance. You can also see how close they are to the next level, how many Capitals/Metros/Kings Towers the alliance has, and you can even acsess your own glory points overview

Alliance Smithy

Finally, there is the alliance smithy. Here, you can forge a piece of equipment for a certain amount of coins, and the leader can upgrade it too with the right amount of resources needed. The higher the alliance smithy level, the more costly it is to be upgraded, but the more quality equipment you're likely to get



Generic alliance panel, clickable tabs along the left side show different features available.

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