Monument 2 transparent

A 2% glory bonus monument with alliance bookmark.

Monuments can be captured by Alliance members to give an increased amount of Glory Points by a certain percentage every time a member attacks a Castle. Monuments give 25 power points to the alliance.

There are two types of Monuments: small and big. Small ones are created at a default of a 2% bonus and big ones of a 6% bonus. Yet alliance members can send Wood and Stone and rubies to it using market barrows to increase its level, as well as increasing the bonuses. Buildings may not be built by the owner of the monument as the monument upgrades automatically once enough resources have arrived. The bonuses increase at 1% intervals each time. Multiple monuments do not add up as the monument with the highest bonus gives its bonus.

Similarities to the storm island kingdom can be found with the monuments. After every month, the monuments are reset and placed on different areas of the map to allow for smaller alliances to capture them.


Small MonumentEdit

Building level Glory bonus Resources to next Level
Level 1 2% 60k
Level 2 3% 120k
Level 3 4% 180k
Level 4 5% 240k
Level 5 6% 300k
Level 6 7% 360k
Level 7 8% 420k
Level 8 9% 480k
Level 9 10% 540k