What is Attacking and How do you do it?Edit

First, click on the castle you would like to attack. Next, hit the button that looks like a bow target. The attack window will open up and you can select soldiers to send into battle. There is also an auto-fill button that fills it with soldiers and equipment. If you have spied on the castle, you will get what will be best to fit. You can also do a preset wave using the hero's stats as well.

Attack WavesEdit

The number of waves you have is determined by your current Level. (L1-12 have 1 wave, L13-36? have 2 waves, L37?-L50 have 3 waves, and L51+ have 4 waves, and legendary players could have up to 6 waves with the Hall of Legends.)

Types of CastlesEdit

These are all the types of castles you can attack.

Robber BaronsEdit

Robber baron level up as you attack them. There are tons of them on the map. They are the easiest ones to defeat! These are played by CPU.

Robber Baron KingEdit

This event usually happens once a week, and are held by defenders (Archers and Macemen on lower levels, Archers with Halberdiers and Longbowmen for the middle levels and early legendary players, and Veteran Spearmen and Veteran Halberdiers with Veteran Longbowmen for the upper legendary levels). Attack as you would normally would with Robber Barons, however, you can get 30 rubies and a week's protection from Robber Barons. Even if you normally don't get attacked by them, I (Isabella and Lego Liker/kuku9999) will get 39,200 coins, or 47,040 with the Marauder on for an L75 RBK and only 4-8 losses with a special 105% ranged commander (15% from hero, does NOT count toward the 90% maximum for a commander), and 58% wall protection with Imperial Marksman, Scaling ladders, Battering rams, and Mantlets. These are also played by CPU.

In late April 2017, this changed, to now just Militia guarding the castle (about 675-700 for a L70 player to defeat). Here with the same commander, you should expect 15-18 losses.


Everyone will be able to attack these when they get to level 13 and they build the estate. Unowned outposts are sparse in the central core of The Great Empire, but more plentiful in the hinterlands. They are harder than Robber Baron but easier than castle lords. You will earn a lot of xp as you attack them but not a lot of loot. They take a long time to travel to even if they are close to you! However, attacking these after they have someone there is not a good idea, unless they are either in ruins, or you are trading outposts with another player.

Castle LordsEdit

These are real people that own an empire. There are a lot of these around. These are the most common. They are also the hardest to defeat.

Foreign Castles/BloodcrowsEdit

Foreign Castles only appear on the world map during "The War of the Realms"/"Bloodcrow" contest. They belong in the NPC category, also known as a non-player castle. Foreign Castles/Bloodcrows are always 50 travel units away, regardless of where they appear on the map. Note: if you are under "attack protection" you risk losing this if you decide to attack.


During the Nomad event, which last for a short period of time, four tents will appear outside the main castle in Green on the world map. Nomads are NPC's played by the computer, and level up as you attack them. Nomads are always 2 travel units away, regardless of where they appear on the map. Successful attacks on Nomads will supply you with Khan tablets, which you can exchange for various items, as well as plentiful amounts of resources, food and gold coins. Some attacks also provide an equipment piece or gem. You gain experience points with each battle. They do not provide glory or honor. These are also a great source for quick coins as they can give up to about 25k coins per attack when reached up to the maximum level for level 70s.


Samurai are similar to Robber Barons and Nomads, Samurai are NPC's played by the computer, and level up as you attack them. Samurai are always 2 travel units away, like nomads, regardless of where they appear on the map.

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