This page covers all information regarding Barbarian Fortresss. The following key is used in all subsequent tables:

Abbreviation Name Abbreviation Name Abbreviation Name
Ac Armed Citizen Halb Halberdier Ram Battering ram
Ar Archer Hc Heavy Crossbowman Sm Swordsman
Bm Bowman Im Insulating mat Sp Spearman
Cb Crossbowman Ladd Scaling ladder Ths Two-handed Swordsman
Hr Hurling rocks Lb Longbowman Tp Tar pitch kettle
Fa Flaming arrows Ma Mantlet Vmm Veteran Maceman
Gr Castle gate reinforcement Mm Maceman Vcb Veteran Crossbowman
Vhc Veteran Heavy Crossbowman Vth Veteran two-handed swordsman CB Cultist Bowman
CF Cultist Fanatic

The Barbarian Fortress is a fortress in the Everwinter Glacier. It is the same as hitting a L21 RBC. They are not fought as much due to their fairly low rewards (except for the rubies) compared to those in the Burning Sands or the Fire Peaks, more so when the maximum Barbarian Tower (L51) has the same number of losses for more rewards.

Barbarian Fortress The Defending Troops in the castle are:Edit

Left Flank Tools Front Tools Right Flank Tools
1 Hr, 1 Fa

1 Fa


1 Gr, 1 Hr, 1 Fa

1 Gr, 1 Hr

1 Gr, 1 Hr

1 Hr, 1 Fa

1 Hr


Left Flank Troops Front Troops Right Flank Troops
11 N Axe, 16 N Bow 12 N Axe, 21 N Bow 14 N Axe, 22 N Bow
Castellan Effects +16% wall, +17% gate, +21% melee, +20% ranged
Max loots 1750w, 1750s, 4250f, 10000g, 50rb (+13 XP)

Your attack formation to defeat the castle :

Attack Formation
Wave Left Front Right
1 martyr martyr martyr
2 martyr martyr martyr
3 34 Spear Women + 8 Shield walls martyr 34 Spear Women + 8 Shield Walls
4 34 Knight of the Elite Guard for loot 52 Spear Women + 15 Imperial Marksman + 3 Battering rams + 8 Shield walls 34 Knight of the Elite Guard for loot
Commander -61% wall, -26.4% gate, +31.2% melee, +90% range, +48% flank bonus, 25% speed bonus from NPC
Losses 9 (7 martyr + 1 spear Woman left + 1 Spear Woman right)

At level 42 i tried this(we have only 3 waves, so less loot of resources)

Try this if you are low level and want rubies as the loot is less in this(1000 resource and 3000 food)

wave left Front Right
1 martyr martyr martyr
2 martyr 67 HC + 20 mantlet martyr
3 23 HC + 10 mantlet 67 THS (to increase loot) 23 HC + 10 mantlet
commander +55% range
Losses 5 martyr, 33 HC(11 left + 4 front + 18 right)