Barbarian towers are the Everwinter Glacier equivalent of Robber Baron Castles. They all start at level 20. If you have the espionage of a Barbarian Tower of a certain level, please post it here. Thanks!

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Please note! Your results may vary from the posters depending on your equipment vs theirs. You may do better or worse, but the strategy remains the same. Send Hc where called for and you will lose less troops than if you send Ths. If you have better (Tcb, Tk,  Vcb, Vmm, etc.) send them instead for even better results.

Level 20 - 30Edit

Barbarian Tower Level 20-30

Level 31 - 35Edit

Barbarian Tower Level 31-35

Level 36 - 40Edit

Barbarian Tower Level 36-40

Level 41 - 45Edit

Barbarian Tower Level 41-45

Level 46 - 51Edit

Barbarian Tower Level 46-51

And also....Edit

Similar to the RBs, they will sometimes attack your castle, though only with 8-12 men. You only need to defend with macemen or crossbowmen (with best castliian possible), depending what they are sending, with few losses (usually 3-5, less if you have hallies/longbows).