Barracks is a building which forms a crucial part of Goodgame Empire. They enable the player to recruit soldiers, at a cost of some gold coins. Without a barracks, players are unable to recruit soldiers to the outpost they are viewing, even if they have one in another castle or outpost. When the barracks are upgraded, a variety of soldiers are unlocked for recruitment. In addition to unlocking more units, the higher the level of the barracks, the higher the recruitment speed bonus. Unlike most other buildings, the Barracks cannot be demolished and only one can be built. For more information on each soldier type that can be recruited, see the individual pages for each.


Resources Time with (hh:mm:ss)
Image Building level Level required Wood Stone Reward Exp Speed Troops Keep Level 1 Keep Level 2 Keep Level 3 Keep Level 4 Keep Level 5
Barracks-lv1 1 2 33 15 4 - Spearman & Maceman 00:11:00 hh:mm:ss hh:mm:ss hh:mm:ss 00:05:30
Barracks-lv2 2 8 394 262 11 -5% Bowman & Crossbowman 03:19:00 hh:mm:ss hh:mm:ss hh:mm:ss 1:39:30
Barracks-lv3 3 14 1305 1129 19 -10% Swordsman & Archer hh:mm:ss hh:mm:ss 04:58:56 hh:mm:ss hh:mm:ss
4 20 2494 2662 24 -15% Two-handed Swordsman & Halberdier 15:55:00 12:44:00 hh:mm:ss hh:mm:ss 07:57:30
Barracks-lv5 5 26 4435 5627 33 -20% Heavy Crossbowman & Longbowman hh:mm:ss hh:mm:ss hh:mm:ss hh:mm:ss hh:mm:ss

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