Castle Image

Note the alliance rank of the player below the castle name tag.

The castle is the seat of your power and can not be captured by other rulers. All players start off in the castle for their tutorial and are guided through the basics of gameplay. Castles come with enough resources to provide 100% workload to 3 farmhouses, woodcutters, and stone quarries. This doesn't mean, however, that you can't create more than 3 - it just means any more created will run at a reduced production rate - outside of construction yard items, research, and Public Order. For every building past 3 that you create, it operates at 25% production loss over the last building you made. In other words, Production = Amount x (.75)^(N-3). However, with public order, special buildings, VIP time, research, construction yard items, and your coat of arms, it is more than possible to get 4-5 more working over 100% of the stated work (eg., farmhouse working at 56%, but with a 429% bonus, produces about 285% of normal amount). Quests can only be completed in your main castle and any progress made in any of your outposts will not count. For example, if you must upgrade 2 towers to level 2, this must be completed in your main castle, not an outpost or in another Kingdom.

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