An charcoal prduction increased by an lab whit 10%

Charcoal tata

Some charcoal found in a treasure chest from expandig the castle

Charcoal is a special resource unlocked in the Everwinter Glacer. They can be made from Charcoal burners, and you unlock them once you upgrade the Native Village to Level 1. You can it loot from other castle lords if they have in their castle when you loot (from level 70 onwards,you can loot charcoal from the foreign castle/Bloodcrows as well), finding treasure chests by expanding your castle in the ice kingdom, or in mercenary post in minimum amounts (usually epic or sometimes free). At the native village you can trade with your market charcoal to bonuses Once you reach Level 70, you can move it to other kingdoms, losing 20% to Storm Islands, The Fire Peaks, and The Burnings Sands, and 25% to The Great Empire. The player can build special buildings (legendary buildings). A Charcoal Burner only gets a 100% workload for two production building (before accounting for Public Order and Labs), making players desperate to protect their charcoal. It can be traded for Coins, Gems, or Soldiers, and also a castellan piece. The more you upgrade the village, the more prizes you can obtain. A Charcoal burner costs 2,144 Stone and 1,815 Wood to create. You can increase your production by having an lab on Everwinter Kingdom (or an member of your alliance).