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Equestrian Collossus

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Normal Collossus

The Colossus is an occasional happening in which a person encamps by your castle and asks for resources to "Scaffold the Colossus". The more resources donated generates more public order when the scaffolding is done (usually 6 days). The Gold Colossus costs coins instead of resources.  There are 3 types of Colossuses - the normal one, a horseman statue, and a Gold Colossus. They occur seperately. There is really no difference except for the name and appearance. Each type of collossus has three levels. The more public order you have the better your collossus will look. The two images below show collosusses at the first level. The Horseman Colossus is silver at the second level with more details, and the third level is golden with even more details. Normal collosusses level 2 will have a sword instead of a spear, with a different helmet. At level three, the helmet is different and the collossus has a Demon Horror's axe.