Information Edit

Bowman of the Kingsguard

The Crossbowman of the Kingsguard are part of the Kingsguard unit set. They can be recruited if your Alliance has a Capital,if you have the Glory Title the Terrible or higher, but also obtained from different events including invasions from other servers and the Underworld, Thorn King and Blade Coast events by completing objectives as well as by getting 80 activty points on one day or the daily log in bonus, as well as from the mission post.

Statistics Edit

Ranged attack: 121

Melee defense: 14

Ranged defense: 23

Loot capacity: 29

Travel speed : 28

Food consumption: 4

'Money for 1 Unit: 148'

Crossbowman of the kingsguards statistics

Crossbowman of the kingsguard statistics

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