Once a day (2 on the 7th day in a row you are on), you can select between one of 3 rewards when you log on. It is similar to the Mission post, however, you don't need to spend Coins to get these rewards. You also get a 4th bonus when you are in an Alliance, and a 5th when you have VIP time on. You can earn these rewards:

  • Tools (attacking and defending)
  • Troops (attacking and defending)
  • VIP Time (varies from 5 minutes, to 1 day)
  • VIP points (40 to 200)
  • Time Skips (1 minute skips to 5 hour skips)
  • Equipment (ordinary to epic)
  • Gems (L1 to L4)
  • Resources (wood, stone and food on lower levels, Kingdom resources and food at Legendary levels)
  • The Tax collector
  • Marauder
  • Decorations
  • Rubies
  • Overseers for 1-3 days