Where is What? Edit

So the red area is the Commander statistics, that is the area that tells you

  • How many battles that commander has won, lost, and how many battles total.
  • And all the effects that the commander is getting from the equipment/hero.

The pink area is the Commander Bar, that is the area that shows

  • The number of commanders that you have.
  • And also the Hero Avatars.

The yellow area/scroll allows you to change your commander's name.

The brown area allows you to change between the Commanders Tab and the Castellans Tab.

The green area is the area where you can find out

  • How many Gems/Equipment you have.
  • And also the appearance of your Gems/Equipment

And finally, the dark blue area is where you can see the Equipment/Heroes that your commander is using.

Can't find the Commanders Tab? Edit

It's in the lower right corner.


Need more info? Edit

For more information about Equipment chooses a link.

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