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The Fire Station reduces damage from fire during looting and sabotage. It can only be bought using rubies. It also provides an increasing amount of Public Order.


Resources Time with (hh:mm:ss)
Image Building level Level required Rubies Public Order Exp points Damage Reduction Keep Level 1 Keep Level 2 Keep Level 3 Keep Level 4 Keep Level 5
Fire station 1 Level 1 12 1150 27 11 10% 04:10:00 03:20:00 02:46:40 hh:mm:ss hh:mm:ss
Fire station 2 Level 2 21 7500 55 22 20% hh:mm:ss hh:mm:ss 08:53:00 hh:mm:ss hh:mm:ss
Fire starion 3 Level 3 ? 12000 82 30 30% hh:mm:ss hh:mm:ss hh:mm:ss hh:mm:ss hh:mm:ss
FireStation-lv4 Level 4 ? 24000 110 45 40% hh:mm:ss hh:mm:ss hh:mm:ss hh:mm:ss hh:mm:ss

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