Glory titles are sort of a prefix to your player name. When you hover over players names on the world map, they will display in the following way: [Prefix] "Player Name". Some glory titles, notably the higher ones after 'King', are added to the end to the player name. For example "Player Name" [The Terrible]. Glory titles can be achieved through the accumulation of glory points. Players can see which glory title they have by looking in the top left, at the player info. By clicking the "Rankings" button in the bottom left pane and then clicking the "Glory" button, identified by the iconic blue banner, players can also see how many points they need to advance to the next glory title.Underneath the level bar there is a glory bar to show how much glory must be accumulated to achieve the following title. Edit: Now, due to an update, you can also see the glory table by clicking on your title in the top-left corner. For each glory title earned, players earn a reward. These vary from resources to significant bonuses such as "30% less coin costs for [specific soldier here]". Similarly higher titles allow players to recruit special units called "Knight of the Kingsguard", "Crossbowman of the kingsguard", "Knight of the Elite Guard" and "Crossbowman of The Elite Guard".


Players start at the beginning rank of "Knight". There are no titles below this and if players have 0 glory, "Knight" will be the title displayed. The list of titles is shown below, along with the reward gained for each title achievement. Titles listed with a coloured background indicate a suffix title, i.e. it will be displayed after a player's name. A '?' in the cell indicates an unknown number or unknown reward; please fill in if known. There is one player in each server who owns a 'The Invincible' title. This is awarded to the player with the most amount of glory.

No. Glory Points Title Reward
Resources Other
Gold Rubies
1 0 Knight 0 0 N/A
2 20 Chevalier 3,700 0 N/A
3 110 Baronet 0 0 5% more coins for glorious attacks
4 870 Baron 0 300 N/A
5 1,480 Viscount 0 0 10% more coins for glorious attacks
6 2,260 Count 0 0 30% less coin cost for Maceman
7 3,440 Count Palatine 0 0 30% less coin cost for Crossbowman
8 5,230 Marquis 7,800 0 N/A
9 7,960 Vice Duke 0 700 N/A
10 12,100 Duke 0 0 15% more coins for glorious attacks
11 18,440 Grand Duke 10,000 0 N/A
12 28,060 Archduke 0 1,000 N/A
13 42,710 Prince 0 0 30% less coin costs for Two-handed Swordsman
14 65,000 King 0 0 30% less coin cost for Heavy Crossbowman
15 87,500 the Unyielding 0 1300 N/A
16 110,200 the Great 0 0 Doubles alliance glory points
17 133,300 the Conqueror 0 0 Unlocks recruitment of Knight of the Kingsguard
18 156,600 the Terrible 0 0 Unlocks recruitment of Crossbowman of the kingsguard
19 180,100 the Merciless 0 0 You gain 8% more glory
20 203,800 the Victorious 0 0 Unlocks recruitment of Knight of the Elite Guard
21 227,700 the Steel-Hearted 0 0 Unlocks recruitment of Crossbowman of the Elite Guard
22 251,800 the Resolute 0 0 -30% coins cost for Knight of the Elite Guard
23 276,100 the Furious 0 0 +20% travel speed
24 300,600 the 'Fearless 0 0 -30% coins cost for Crossbowman of the Elite Guard
25 Top 100 the Proud 0 0 Beserker can be recruited
26 Top 50 the Remorseless 0 0 Spear woman can be recruited
27 Top 10 the Feared 0 0 +10% attack bonus against other castle lords
22 Top 1 the Invincible 0 0 Awards a 20% attack bonus for all targets

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