Honor-Rankings Reward

  • Once a week all active players will receive a reward based on their current standing in the ranking of honor. These rewards will include coins for the normal finishers and troops for the top finishers. However, the player can't receive them if in protection mode.
  • The top players will get a handful of particularly strong elite units. These are very rare and very strong.
  • The number of coins or units awarded will be based on the ranking position.

List of first place rewards:

  • Level 1-19: 20 Two Handed Swordsmen, 20 Heavy Crossbowmen, 30 Breaching Towers (thanks 'Prince And King' in AUS1)
  • Level 20-29: 45 Veteran Crossbowman, 45 Veteran Macemen, 45 Breaching Towers (thanks PlatinumPlated in AUS1)
  • Level 30-39: ???
  • Level 40-49: 50 Travelling Swordsmen, 50 Travelling Crossbowmen, 25 Breaching Towers (thanks UniteAllPower in AUS1)
  • Level 50-69: 50 Demon Horrors, 50 Deathly Horrors, 50 Breaching Towers (thanks ItsHutchie in AUS1)
  • Level 70: 55 Demon Horrors, 55 Deathly Horrors, 50 Breaching Towers (thanks PieMadMan in AUS1)

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