Knight of the Kingsguard
Knight of the Kingsguard is a powerful melee attack unit. It can be recruited if your alliance has a capital, or if you have the title the Conqueror or higher. Moreover, you can get it by collecting 80 activity points on one day and by log in bonus, as well as at the mission post. But it can also be obtained in events like Underworld, the Blade Coast, and the Thorn King. It's more powerful than the Two-Handed Swordsman and Veteran two-handed swordsman, but weaker than a Travelling Knight. However, unlike the Travelling Knight, it only needs coins to heal.


  • Melee attack: 132
  • Melee defense: 18
  • Ranged defense: 5
  • Loot capacity: 33
  • Travel Speed: 28
  • Food Consumption: 4