Tigan craft

The texture of the laboratory in Everwinter Glacier.

Laboratories are places on the World Map that players can capture, espionage, and steal. Depending on the level and the kingdom of the laboratory, that kingdom's special resource production will be boosted for all alliance members:

  • Ever Winter Glacier: Charcoal
  • Burning Sands: Olive Oil
  • Fire Peaks: Glass
  • Great Kingdom: Iron ore

Every level adds a 10% boost so: at level 1 it will be 10%, level 2 will be 20%, level 3 will be 30%, and so on. The alliance can upgrade an laboratory by sending to them resorces with a market cart. When a player who is a member of an Alliance captures a laboratory, it boosts productions for all members. However only the most powerful laboratory of the alliance (of every kingdom) will work. Laboratories are reset (to level 1) and change their location every month (just like monuments) so different players have a chance to capture them. If a laboratory has its level increased it doesn't change its appearance. Laboratories can be found in every main kingdom. Those are limited so you better use the laboratory fast and make it as useful.

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