Soldiers need food


Here are all of the quests for level 3:


Soldiers need food!Edit

Remember that running an army can become very expensive. You need food to feed the soldiers. Objectives:

Build one, level 1, farmhouse.

Rewards, 33 XP, 55 wood, 50 food.


You need coins to pay for recruiting additional soldiers. You obtain coins by collecting taxes from dwellings. Objectives:

Build one, level 1, dwelling.

Reward, 33 XP, 40 stone, 55 wood.

Enemy at the gates 1/3Edit

We need more space in order to improve our defenses. Objectives:

Build a second castle extention.

Reward, 36 XP, 40 stone, 70 wood.

Enemy at the gates 2/3Edit

Our soldiers need tools to help them defend. Build a defense workshop! Objectives:

Build one, level 1 defence workshop.

Reward, 38 XP, 50 stone, 100 wood.

Enemy at the gates 3/3Edit

You can build tools in the defense workshop that will give you soldiers a significant advantage in battle.


Own one Defense rocks.

Reward, 38 XP, 50 coins, 100 stone.

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