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Here are all of the quests for level 4:


Time for a boost 1/2

Upgrading buildings significantly improves their output. Improve your woodcutter! Objectives:

Upgrade one woodcutter to level 2.

Reward, 39 XP, 50 stone, 40 food.

Time for a boost 2/2

You should build a storehouse to have enough space for your resources. If you run out of storage space, you will have to halt production! Objectives:

Build one, level 1 storehouse.

Reward, 39 XP, 15 coins, 130 wood.

The Kidnapped Girl 1/4

We must send our army out to rescue the poor girl. You need a commander to command the army. Objectives:

Build one, level 1 encampment.

Reward, 42 XP, 135 stone, 210 wood.

The Kidnapped Girl 2/4

You should use siege tools to command a successful attack. Build a siege workshop. Objectives:

Build one, level 1 siege workshop.

Reward, 42 XP, 10 coins, 195 wood.

The Kidnapped Girl 3/4

You must now raise a mighty army. Objectives:

Recruit 3 macemen.

Reward, 44 XP, 100 coins, 95 stone.

The Kidnapped Girl 4/4

It is now time to wage war! Go to the world map and order an attack on the robber baron castle! Objectives:

Defeat one, level 1 or higher robber baron castle.

Reward, 45 XP, 50 coins, 85 wood.

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