Mercenery Post

The "Mercenary" Post from the outside.

The Mission Post, also known as the Mercenary Post, is a place where you can pay coins (most of the time), to earn bonuses to help you advance further in the game.
Mission Post

An image of "The Mission Post"

Missions come in 5 types: Free (takes 5-10 minutes), Ordinary (takes 5-15 minutes), Rare (takes 15-25 minutes), Epic (takes 30-45 minutes), and Legendary (takes 90 minutes). Like Equipment, they are the same colors, and free missions have a brown background. You can also swap missions for 240 Rubies. You can also have it completely done for you, after you start it, for Rubies as well. Here is what you can find at the mission post:

  • Tools (attacking and defending)
  • Troops (attacking and defending)
  • VIP Time (varies from 5 minutes to 2 hours)
  • VIP points (40 to 200)
  • Time Skips (1-minute skips to 5-hour skips)
  • Equipment (ordinary to epic)
  • Gems (L1 to L3)
  • Resources (wood, stone, and food on lower levels. Kingdom resources, and food at Legendary levels)
  • Lucky Pennies (Formerly)