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Nomad camp

The "Herald of the Invasion" camp as seen outside the main castle.

The Nomad Event is one of the many events in Goodgame Empire. During the event, players can fight against Nomads, whom have unique defenders. Upon defeating a Nomad Camp players can earn a new currency called Khan Tablets, which can be exchanged for unique rewards at the Herald of the Invasion tent outside the main castle. Rewards include a variety of decorative items, tools, coins and equipment, but mainly time skips, which are useful for completing projects like marketplaces, keeps, gates, and taverns.

Nomad SoldiersEdit

Nomad soldiers can only be bought during the Nomad event. They are very unique as well and they have high attack power and can  be acquired through the quest titled "Tablets of Power".

Nomad ToolsEdit

At a camp called Nomad hunter's camp, players can purchase a choice of 5 ruby tools that can only be used against Nomad camps.

Name Cost (rubies) Benefit
Fire cart 71 25% deduction on castle gate protection
Rolling shield 91 20% deduction on Defense of ranged soldiers
Tree trunk ladder 63 25% deduction on Castle wall protection
Torches 94 30% bonus on Melee soldiers' attack
Poison arrows 98 30% bonus on Ranged soldiers' attack

Nomad RewardsEdit

Khan Tablets can be exchanged for rewards at the Herald of the Invasion tent, which will always appear outside your main castle during the event.

Quantity Item Type Cost (Khan Tablets)
150 Coins 1
1 Terracotta soldiers Decoration 965
1 Karakh sword Equipment 7495
1 Dorgo's seal Equipment 5825
1 Nomad Totem Decoration 270
1 Wine Fountain Decoration 15
1 Horsetail Banner Decoration 8
10 Saber Cleaver Soldier 60
10 Slingshot Soldier 60
10 Lancer Soldier 60
10 Spear Thrower Soldier 60
5 Turtle Ram Tools 10
5 Grappling Hooks Tools 10
5 Mock Peasants Tools 10
5 Horsetail Banner Tools 30
5 Transport Yak Tools 15
1 Bodkin Arrowheads Tools 25
1 Armour of the Khan Equipment 3100
1 Lamellar Armour Equipment 3100
1 Helmet of the Khan Equipment 2300
1 Nomad Helemet Equipment 2300
1 Tablet of Sovereignity Equipment 1300
1 Tablet of the Warlord Equipment 1300
1 Scimitar Equipment 50

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