The Renegade Norseman Warrior is a soldier that can be obtained in the Everwinter Glacier. For 9,300 charcoal, you get five of these versatile troops. They are slightly weaker then normal Norsemen Soldiers. You can also free 85 of them along with 85 Renegade Norsemen Bowmen by completing a quest similar to the traveling knight quest.


Norsemen are slightly weaker then Halberdiers and two-handed swordsmen but still offer a nice defense and attack. These are great units to use and will completely annihlate enemies. However, they take a VERY long time to heal, even with great PO: 5 take 1 Hour and 56 minutes with over 5,000 PO.

  • Melee attack: 103
  • Melee defense: 129
  • Ranged defense: 41
  • Food consumption: 4

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