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Resource bar at the top of the window. Hovering over a resource gives a more detailed view.

Resources are used in Goodgame Empire to construct buildings. There are 3 main types of resources (wood, stone, and food) and 2 types of currency (coins, and rubies). Resources are produced over time through production buildings, for example - wood is produced by woodcutters. Players can see the amount of resources they currently have in their stockpile by looking at the top of their window. Hovering over a resource gives a more detailed view, including the production rate and storage capacity.

Rescources can be transported between your outposts and castles, even if they are in another kingdom. Transporting resources to another kingdom uses up some of those resources as travel costs. The cost incurred amounts to 30% of the resources you wish to send, in addition to this, sending resources to an outpost in another kingdom will take a very long time.

Production can also be influenced by public order so a player can increase productivity of all production buildings by increasing public order. This means that players are able to construct more production buildings (more than the outpost will allow to operate at 100% natively) and bring them all up to 100% or more workload.

Resources can also be obtained by utilizing the carts outside the players main castle. The carts offer the player a chance to gain extra resources, simply by clicking on them and waiting the allotted time. Below shows how long the player must wait for the respective resources. In addition to this (along with gold), they can also be gained by collecting resource donations from citizens. These appear as a speech bubble above some citzens heads containing an icon of a resource. The amount recieved is usually very small, varying from 1 to 5 (slightly more if collecting gold).

Bonus Resources from Carts Bonus Resources From Carts  
Resource Time before collection (hh:mm:ss) Amount collected


00:15:00 dependant on level


06:00:00 dependant on level


03:00:00 dependant on level


Wood is one of the two resources used in constructing buildings in the Great Empire kingdom, the other being stone. Wood is produced by woodcutters only if there is a forest available in the outpost. Production of wood depends on the number of woodcutters, along with what upgrade level they are at. As mentioned above, productivity is also affected by the public order in that outpost or castle.


Stone is one of the two resources needed to construct and upgrade buildings. To produce stone, a stone quarry is required - along with a stone quarry in the outpost. Castles always have enough resources to operate 2 of each production building at 100% workload. Outposts on the other hand may lack a quarry comepletely, however when an outpost does contain a quarry, there is enough resources to operate 8 stone quarries at 100% workload. Again, productivity of stone is affected by the public order in the outpost.


Food is required by your troops to survive. Farmhouses and Windmills increase food production. Food is always at outposts, though can be 2, 6, or even 8 if you are lucky to find one.

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