Sabotage Image

The sabotage tab

A sabotage is when a player sends agents from their Castle to set fire to a certain castle with variable settings. You can only sabotage players who are above Level 10. Like espionage agents, the Guardhouse protects your castle from sabotage. You can set the percentage of damage the agents cause and how many buildings are set on fire. Of course, the more damage and buildings, the higher chance of being caught there is

. The higher percentage of damage (if successful), the more resources and time it will take the player to repair it. Buildings on fire decrease Public order. There is a daily task for a successful sabotage and an achievement related to sabotage. However, a failed sabotage may result in war between Alliances. Thus is it best to do it to someone either in a small alliance, with only a few guardhouses, or even better, not in an alliance. If a player is sabotaged by another castle lord, they can only repair the buildings with resources or rubies.