Shadow mercenary camp as seen outside the castle.

The Shadow Mercenary Camp is one of many that take place just outside your castle. Upon clicking the camp, players can then recruit shadow mercenary soldiers and tools. Shadow mercenary units are unique in that the player being attacked will not know who sent the shadow mercenaries. This allows players to deal a severe blow to others, or even kill all their soldiers - gaining loot as well, all without putting their identity at risk.

Units and tools at the shadow mercenary camp can only be obtained with rubies, thus "free players" will generally refrain from purchasing these due to the extensive cost. It should be noted that there is a limit as to how many shadow units or tools you can own. This limit is based solely on the players level and increases in proportion to level.


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Shadow Mercenaries, or mercs as they are called colloquially, are unique units in that they provide the player with some anonymity when attacking with them. There are different soldiers that can be recruited, in the amount they wish, provided they have the rubies to do so. Show below are the stats of each soldier along with their respective cost. Shadow mercenaries do not consume food.
Name Attack Melee Defence Ranged Defence Looting Movement Cost (rubies)
Shadow Maceman 38 4 23 32 22 30
Shadow Crossbowman 39 20 7 22 23 30
Shadow Rogue 109 19 5 28 18 80
Shadow Felon 92 15 24 32 20 80
Shadow Wretch 98 16 26 22 23 99
Shadow Scoundrel 118 20 6 32 22 99


There are different tools on offer at the shadow mercenary camp. These come at much lower cost than soldiers.

Name Deduction on Castle Wall Deduction on Castle Gate Deduction on Defense of Ranged Soldiers Movement Cost (rubies)
Shadow Ladder 10% 0 0 15 12
Shadow Siege Tower 15% 0 0 22 27
Shadow Ram 0 10% 0 15 14
Shadow Battering Ram 0 15% 0 22 32
Shadow Shields 0 0 5% 15 16
Shadow Battering Ram 0 0 10% 22 41


From this tent, you can get 1 achievement and 20 achievement points:

  1. . Tough Measures - "Hire shadow mercenaries." - 20 achievement points
  • NOTE: You can get this achievement by buying a single shadow tool.