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Spy Now, time to recheck those flanks......

Parts of this page have been identified as no longer being up to date with recently released material.

Stonemason is a building which increases the production of stone by a certain percentage depending on the level.


Resources Time with (hh:mm:ss)
Image Building level Level required Wood Stone Exp points Stone production Keep Level 1 Keep Level 2 Keep Level 3 Keep Level 4 Keep Level 5
Level 1 11 709 177 11 10% 03:40:00 02:56:00 hh:mm:ss hh:mm:ss hh:mm:ss
Level 2 22 3307 1417 22 20% 13:46:00 12:04:48 10:14:00 hh:mm:ss hh:mm:ss
Level 3 34 7706 5137 33 30% hh:mm:ss 24:22:24 20:18:40 hh:mm:ss hh:mm:ss

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