Anyone who has advanced to the Burning Sands kingdom may have experienced this glitch.

This task is located under: DEFENDING THE BASE 1/2 to: OWN DEFENSE UNITS 0/25

If you recruit any Spearman, or Macemen or something weaker, the game does not count these units. So to pass this quest. You need to:

  1. Get the Barracks if you have not already.
  2. Upgrade Barracks to Level 3 or later (if you have enough rescources)
  3. Recruit Archer or defense unit that is unlocked at least level 3.
  4. Recruit 25 of them to complete the task.

If you do not have enough resources to upgrade barracks, you could:

  1. Click the "Kingdoms" button on the first button on the bottom-left hand of the screen.
  2. Click The Burning Sands.
  3. Click "Send Troops" and collect defense units that can be recruited at least level 3.
  4. This may take two hours for the transfer to process, but it's very pricy, unless you have a fair number of coins (900 for 25 longbows, 950 for hallies).

NOTE: If you recruit a Level 1-2 Defense Unit, the quest will not count that towards the defense unit.

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