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The keep is essentially the Courtyard of your castle. The remaining troops that are not positioned on the wall will defend it. The keep can be upgraded to level 5, and it cannot be demolished. When you first start the game, it is the only building in your castle, and when you capture an outpost, it is the only building standing. The keep controls the construction speed of the buildings in the castle. The keep also has a safe camp which stores 800 (Level 1) or 1000 (Levels 2, 3, 4, 5) of each resource which cannot be plundered by enemies when they attack.





Time to build with 
Image Building level Level required Wood needed Stone needed XP points Construction speed Safe Storage level (hh:mm:ss)
Keep L1
1 1 0 0 5 100% 800 -
Keep l2
2 11 1,260 960 18 125% 1,000 08:53:00
Keep l3
3 24 6,347 7,627 36 150% 1,000 29:27:12
Keep L4
4 52 23,200 48,156 42 175% 1,000 33:20:00
5 68 72,010 80,980 51 200% 1,000 39:43:48

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