What is Goodgame Empire?Edit

Goodgame Empire is a game where you build buildings, upgrade your defense and attack other empires.

Kingdoms in the Goodgame EmpireEdit

The kingdoms you can find in the game are: The Great Empire, Everwinter Glacier, The Desert Sands, Storm Islands and Fire Peaks. You will unlock more kingdoms when you are level 15 and over.


The best type of outpost to get would be food. Having a food op will allow you to have more troops to loot with and send support with. If you ever see a shiny food op that is reasonable distance away make sure you take it as they are pretty rare and produce a lot of food.

Looting towersEdit

Make sure you loot towers as once they get to a higher level will give you some loot and are a very good way to get coins, Also you get good equipment. So there are no negative things about looting them and very good rewards.

Resource VillagesEdit

Resource Villages or rv's are found in out kingdoms (everwinter, etc.) and are extremely useful. They increase resource production so they are very nice to have. Do NOT steal these of players as it will most likely cause a war and you will end up with non at all, unless they are not in an alliance, or in a very small one (no more than 5 people).


If your stuck on a level or got the dwelling quests go into your outpost get rid of all decoration and speed build level 1 dwellings. Once you have filled the space, demolish them. Repeat this over and over and before you know it you will be one level higher! This won't work as well once you are in the Legendary levels, unless you are only a few XP away.