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The shield's colours depend on your coat of arms.

The Traveling Crossbowman is a very powerful ranged soldier, very powerful in attack when combined with the Travelling Knight and are obtainable in events. They cannot be recruited, but you can get them in a rare daily bonus reward, at the Mission post on high levels, or finish the Travelling Knights event. However the travelling crossbowman event is hardest to get this troop - you must defeat Robber baron castles to obtain Relic pieces and once you obtain them all your reward will be a high quantity of those troops, although the exact number depends on your level. You can win also by Nobility Content by wining the aristocratic reward or royal reward with Travelling Knight.

They do cost rubies to heal in the military hospital.


  • Ranged attack power: 135
  • Defense strength against melee: 22
  • Defense Strength against ranged: 30
  • Looting Capacity: 35
  • Travel Speed: 28
  • Food Consumption per Unit:4