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    New Players

    November 30, 2014 by Dark Matter7

    This will be a simple step by step guide to starting a new empire until lv10.

    - Use vaild email if possible, this is because you get a 300 rubys for free and secondly if someone else somehow gets onto your account they could change your password and you will therefore never be able to go on your account.

    - Level up all towers to lv1 as soon as you can, this is because once you reach a certain lv (around lv9) the towers take the normal time to upgrade, if you do this properly you can save around an hour of building which is most useful when you are low level, this applies with buildings llike taverns and guardhouses however guardhouses are not so important as taverns at the low levels.

    -Join a decent alliance, when i say 'decent' i mean an all…

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