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    January 20, 2018 by Jeahra

    Our administrator has requested new editors (see here), which is fine, but I think a reason why that is, is because there is still much do to clean up this wikia site.

    Here is my suggestion for a global task list of things to do:

    • Make templates that suit the guidelines of
      • This means no/few content parts such as tables that are wider than the page width.
      • Good templates mean less fussing about when an editor should just input data, not format or layout.
    • Restructure the categories. Using other is bad. More unique ones are better.
      • This of course includes the menu.
    • Define the page structure in an editors guide.
      • Maybe unit and building pages are different
    • Make a guides section. Can be combined with forum.
      • As a new player I was stunned by the st…
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