Our administrator has requested new editors (see here), which is fine, but I think a reason why that is, is because there is still much do to clean up this wikia site.

Here is my suggestion for a global task list of things to do:

  • Make templates that suit the guidelines of
    • This means no/few content parts such as tables that are wider than the page width.
    • Good templates mean less fussing about when an editor should just input data, not format or layout.
  • Restructure the categories. Using other is bad. More unique ones are better.
    • This of course includes the menu.
  • Define the page structure in an editors guide.
    • Maybe unit and building pages are different
  • Make a guides section. Can be combined with forum.
    • As a new player I was stunned by the step learning curve. The guides I found were mainly meant for players level 70, or simily out-dated as seen by screenshots.

While editors may not be players themselves, have I compiled a list of sources (of varing quantity) which can be used gather information from. If the editor is an (experienced) player, then these can serve as a basis, since they may be out-dated.

Link Description Official forum. A series of lists that provide good up-to-date date, but I noticed they are not always complete. BM Ang1243's Ultimate List thread. This is moderator. BM Ang1243 personal site. Contains  information about ruby related things among others. Alternate wiki site without the means to navigate except direct page links. Using search is likely required.