Vet Heavy Crossbow

Colors may vary depending on flag color.

Veteran Heavy Crossbowman are a newly added version of the Heavy Crossbowman. They are stronger than the Veteran Crossbowman, but not as powerful as the Crossbowman of the kingsguard. Compared to the standard Heavy Crossbowman, they are unable to loot as much (25 vs. 32), but made up by being able to travel much quicker (28 vs. 20), thus making they useful for more attacks. Once upgraded to level three, the Research Tower will allow this veteran to be researched. After being researched, this unit is available for recruitment in the barracks, where it will take the place of the Heavy Crossbowman. However, you can also get them at the mission post or often in the higher levels by completing daily tasks.


  • Ranged power: 114
  • Melee defense: 16
  • Ranged defense: 26
  • Looting: 25
  • Travel speed: 28
  • Food used/hr.: 4