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Winter Championship is one of two seasonal events started on empire.A Goodgame began on December 15, 2015 and ended on th ... January. It consists of gathering points of the tasks most common events such as nomads, you collect points by attacking camps for nomadic event, as the samurai, castles and foreigners gather more glory as the more points you can earn.

Event Tent

all events and it has unique tent.It was not what they expected as players will receive Christmas

on this occasion map texture changed one winter:

Zapada tata

This texture resembles the texture map in the realm of eternal winter

New soldiers has been added as a prize for lords.They are like some frightening people and them toys are bones!(a little description :)).Also was added some new equipment+1 hero who can be earn by collecting points on this event:


Frost Bowmen

Very big nose!

Veteran cu luneta

Bone Helmet?

Tigan cu sabie cu luneta

Usefull in life!!!

Bone huntress




Made from double hardened walrus hide(game description)


As deadly as an aggresive walrus bull


Tricks your opponent into believing that he's facing death itself

Dilda c

Carved from the skull of a defeted enemy(game description)

Fata mare

Only a victory can leave her cold heart hot whit desire

Also was added some new tools that can be earn from collecting points for this event or from the RUBBY OFFERS.One of that tools has a unique atribute(increase experience points from atacks).Also new gift was added.You cannot buy this gifts,but you can earn it by collecting points for this event


Unica cheste

Increases experience points(from batles)

Scari frumoase

-15% wall protection

Wtf is that shit

-10% power of the ranger enemy soldiers


-15% gate protection


Cadou ceva


Scari frumoase cadou


Ceva cadou


Is one of the most usefull event made from GGS.If you dont use all things what you will earn from this event you will have that things(Thats is only the prizes from content when players have level30-39):

Super things

1.6xLucky Penny=12.000 rubies

2.84xTichets=28 Spining at Whell of Fortune

Time Skips:

3.10x10minutes skip(100min)

4.10x30minutes skip(300min)

5.10x1hours skip(10h)

6.10x5hours skip(50h)

7.10x24hours skip(10days)


8.325xWhalebonne ram(-4875% gate protection in total)

9.325xBone Ladders(-4875% wall protection in total)

10.325xSlied Shields(-4875% power of ranger soldiers)

11.700xBanner of the frost warrior(14.000% more experience in batles in total)


12.400xFrost Bowmen(54000 ranger power,-1600 food/h whithout a bakery)

13.400xBone Huntress(58000 melee power.-1600 food/h whithout a bakery)

14.245xMaster Frost Bowmen(39690 ranger power,-1225 food/h whithout a bakery)

15.245xMaster Bone Huntress(45325 melle power,-1225 food/h whithout a bakery)

For Stables:

16.50xFast Travel Feathers


17.1x100%Season points Boosters(for 18h)


18.2xGift whit 10 bone ladders

19.2xGift whit 20 bone ladders

20.1xGift whit 50 bone ladders

21.2xGift whit 10 SledShield

22.2xGift whit 20 SledShield

23.1xGift whit 50 SledShield

24.2xGift whit 5 Banners of the Frost Warrior

25.2xGift whit 10 Banners of the Frost Warrior

26.1xGift whit 25 Banners of the Frost Warrior

27.2xGift whit 10 Shield Wall

28.2xGift whit 20 Shield Wall

29.1x Gift whit 50 Shield Wall

30.2xGift whit 10 hero's banners

31.2xGift whit 20 hero's banners

32.1xGift whit 50 hero's banners

33.2xGift whit 10 breaking tower

34.2xGift whit 20 breaking tower

35.1xGift whit 50 breaking tower


36.1xRandom Gem level 5

37.1xGem of rebellion level 5 (Increas the combat strengt of defenders in courtyard whit 5%)-castelan

38.1xGem of rampart level 6 (Allow 6% more troops to be posted on the castle walls)-castelan

39.1xGem of rebbelion level 6 (Increas the combat strenght of defenders in courtyard whit 6%)-castelan

40.1xFur Breatless(equipment for castelan)-Armour

41.1xWallrus tusk(equipment for castelan)-Weapon

42.1xSkull Mask(equipment for castelan)-Helment

43.1xBone Talisman(equipment for castelan)-Artifact

44.Ice Flower(Herro for castelan)-Hero

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