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The event's tent. Here you can see what is coming up next, what you need to do, and your next reward.

Zapada tata

This texture resembles the texture map in the realm of eternal winter, for 2016-2017, only a little snow was on for a few days at the main castle.

Winter Championship (2016-2017 Ice Championship) is one of four seasonal events that happens. One began on December 15, 2015 and ended on the 16 of January, 2016. It consists of gathering points of the tasks of common events such as nomads, you collect points by attacking camps for the nomads, as well as the samurai and finally, Foreign Lords/Bloodcrows. The more you do the requirements, the more points you can earn.


New soldiers has been added as a prize for lords. They are like very powerful and the weapons are bones. .Also was added some new equipment as well as one hero who can be earned by collecting every point in this event.

Gallery of troops/equipmentEdit

Note: The Equipment is for L30-39 ONLY.


New tools were also added, which can be earn from collecting points for this event or from the Ruby Offers. One of that tools has a unique attribute (increase experience points from attacks). Also, a new gift was added. You cannot buy these gifts, but you can earn it by collecting points for this event.

Gallery of toolsEdit

Gallery of giftsEdit


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Level 30-39 rewards:

Special thingsEdit

  1. 6x Lucky Penny = 12.000 Rubies
  2. 84x Tickets = 28 Spins at Wheel of Fortune

Time SkipsEdit

  1. 10x 10 minutes skip (100min)
  2. 10x 30 minutes skip (300min)
  3. 10x 1 hours skip (10h)
  4. 10x 5h ours skip (50h)
  5. 10x 24 hours skip (10days)


  1. 325x Whalebone rams (-4875% gate protection in total)
  2. 325x Bone Ladders (-4875% wall protection in total)
  3. 325x Shield Shields (-4875% power of ranger soldiers)
  4. 700x Banner of the frost warriors (14.000% more experience in battles in total)


  1. 400x Frost Bowman (54000 ranged power, -1600 food/h without a bakery)
  2. 400x Bone Huntress (58000 melee power, -1600 food/h without a bakery)
  3. 245x Master Frost Bowman (39690 ranged power, -1225 food/h without a bakery)
  4. 245x Master Bone Huntress (45325 melee power, -1225 food/h without a bakery)


  1. 50x Fast Travel Feathers


  1. 1x 100% Season points Boosters (for 18h)


  1. 2x Gift with 10 bone ladders
  2. 2x Gift with 20 bone ladders
  3. 1x Gift with 50 bone ladders
  4. 2x Gift with 10 Shield Shields
  5. 2x Gift with 20 Shield Shields
  6. 1x Gift with 50 Shield Shields
  7. 2x Gift with 5 Banners of the Frost Warriors
  8. 2x Gift with 10 Banners of the Frost Warriors
  9. 1x Gift with 25 Banners of the Frost Warriors
  10. 2x Gift with 10 Shield walls
  11. 2x Gift with 20 Shield Walls
  12. 1x Gift with 50 Shield Walls
  13. 2x Gift with 10 Hero's banners
  14. 2x Gift with 20 Hero's banners
  15. 1x Gift with 50 Hero's banners
  16. 2x Gift with 10 Breaching towers
  17. 2x Gift with 20 Breaching towers
  18. 1x Gift with 50 Breaching towers

Equipment, Heroes, GemsEdit

  1. 1x Random Gem level 5
  2. 1x Gem of rebellion level 5 (Increases the combat strength of defenders in courtyard by 5%) - castellan
  3. 1x Gem of rampart level 6 (Allow 6% more troops to be posted on the castle walls) - castellan
  4. 1x Gem of rebbelion level 6 (Increases the combat strength of defenders in courtyard by 6%) - castellan
  5. 1x Fur Breastplate (equipment for castellan) - Armor
  6. 1x Wallrus Tusk (equipment for castellan) - Weapon
  7. 1x Skull Mask( equipment for castellan) - Helmet
  8. 1x Bone Talisman (equipment for castellan) - Artifact
  9. Ice Flower (Hero for castellan) - Hero

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